Great news about your refreshed and improved Library Homepage

Enhanced New Interface

Your Enhanced New Homepage will soon become your default homepage

You may have noticed we have made some changes to Reading Cloud. In June and into July we rolled out an enhanced interface and homepage as well as performance updates to the Reading Cloud platform. We wanted to share these with you ahead of the new academic year, so you had some time to get used to them.

What was in the release?

Enhanced interface and homepage

The enhanced interface and homepage now offer a more engaging and intuitive look and feel to support students in using the platform to search for books and interact with your library, including the option to customise the homepage to promote library resources and services.

Mobile optimisation

Reading Cloud is now fully optimised across mobile and tablet devices meaning your students and their parents can access the platform from home.

Performance updates

We rolled out a series of performance updates to help streamline the operation of your school library and increase speed, making it easier than ever for you to manage a successful school library.

When does the enhanced interface become a permanent change to my homepage?

Up until now you will have seen a ‘Switch Here’ button at the top of the homepage screen. This is where you could click to toggle to try out the enhanced interface and homepage. However, on October 26th we will be moving all our Reading Cloud users default homepages to display the enhanced interface and the switch will disappear.

Where to find out more about the new homepage functionality:

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