Meet the Reading Cloud Team: Jerry Street (Customer Success)

  By   - Thursday 09 March 2023
Jerry Street

"When we immerse ourselves in reading, we are provided with an opportunity to grow our own ideas and personalities; furthermore, our understandings of a world wider than we may ever experience in reality.”


Meet the Reading Cloud Team - Jerry Street (Customer Success)

Jerry has recently joined our Reading Cloud family as Senior Customer Success Manager. Along with the Customer Success team, her focus is to aid in bridging the gaps between customers and Reading Cloud; helping our users achieve their goals and get the most from their Reading Cloud subscription. The team have been working hard to provide 1:1 sessions with school librarians, as well as task-focused webinars based on user requests.

"Joining the Reading Cloud team has given me the opportunity to continue along a career path which combines my greatest passions, education, and customers. Having worked with children in a school setting, and recreational capacity, from my early career, I quickly learned one for the most rewarding moments I would experience was that “lightbulb moment” a student has when something has just “clicked”.

What was your favourite childhood read?

Enid Blyton’s, “The Naughtiest Girl is a Monitor”, full of mischief and adventure. And in fact, being part of a series was all the better as it meant I could look forward to a trip to the bookshop to purchase the next book in the collection.

What are you reading at the moment?

The Glass Castle – A memoir of author Jeannette Walls – the book was recommended on an online book club I have joined and has captured me from the start, it’s hard to believe this is a true story at times.

What are your first memories of visiting a library?

My first library memories aren’t something I’ve thought about before, so this is a great question. I recall the excitement of a visit to my local library and the prospect of using my ‘indoor voice’, I wasn’t even sure I had one! I remember walking up the creaky wooden staircase to the children’s section and being presented with what I now recognise was a multiverse of worlds to dive into.

In more recent years, I have had the pleasure of introducing my own children to the library at an early age. The freedom to choose a book that jumped out to them, often with no rhyme or reason, was magical to experience. Teaching them the need to care for their book loan as if it were their own, reading and learning together about new ideas and concepts they had not yet felt and, of course, the library offering far more than the loaning of books; we were able to attend regular events and make new friends along the way.

How do you think Reading Cloud could help children’s reading progression?

Reading Cloud enables children access to what may possibly be their first ever library experience, in a fun and engaging way, empowering them to explore a variety of quality literature and learning resources, as well as a safe and inclusive space where they can connect with others through blogs and book reviews.

By having the ability to engage with their library and reserve books from home, Reading Cloud aids in fostering a culture of reading for pleasure and develops strong reading skills whilst also building on a positive home-school partnership.

Students can be promoted to broaden their reading habits through reading lists created by staff and the suggested books, encouraging them to read more.

What is your favourite word in another language?

Komorebi. A Japanese word for sunlight filtering through trees, a beautiful image in my mind and I love that there’s a word to describe this.

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