According to the National Literacy Trust, Reading has a demonstrable impact on:


Children who enjoy reading are three times more likely to have good mental well-being than children who don’t enjoy it.


The longer children keep an enjoyment of reading going, the greater the benefits are in the classroom.

Life expectancy

Children born into communities with the most serious literacy challenges have some of the lowest life expectancies in England.

So how do you encourage children to read and read for pleasure?

Knowing what children really feel about reading and about themselves as readers can be very difficult in schools today with growing class sizes and increasing demands on educators' contact time.

And yet gaining these insights is a crucial step towards encouraging reading for pleasure and developing lifelong positive attitudes to reading.

This is where Literacy 360 comes in.

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What is Literacy 360?

Literacy 360 is a new tool for schools to measure and monitor each child’s individual attitude towards reading throughout Key Stages 2 and 3.

The tool provides valuable insights on how each child view’s their own reading abilities and how they feel about reading for pleasure, enabling educators to gain a deep understanding of each child.

These crucial insights help inform early evidence-based interventions where needed to ensure no child is left behind when it comes to reading and reading for pleasure.

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Adam Lancaster on Literacy 360

Hear from Adam Lancaster, the man behind the methodology

Created in collaboration with Adam Lancaster, experienced Senior Librarian & Head of Literacy, Literacy 360 incorporates the tried and tested Impact Through Reading methodology and the Attitude to Reading survey, providing schools with everything they need to carry out the student survey and surface, evaluate and share the valuable insights it provides.

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With Literacy 360 you can:

Discover more

Gain a deep understanding of how each child really feels about reading even with limited time and resources

Build a picture of each child

Find out how children see themselves as readers, what they like to read (including favourite books, authors & genres), how often they read, how much support they have for their reading at home and more


Share valuable insights across departments to inform teaching strategies and interventions

Collaborate smarter

Ensure an effective whole school approach to literacy with shared literacy records for every child that all departments can contribute to and monitor

Literacy 360 demo

See how it works...

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Options, prices and how to order

Literacy 360 is available as an online annual subscription with a version for primary schools and a version for secondary schools (incl. independent prep and senior schools).

Please contact us for pricing details for full age schools and any other establishments.

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Advice from Adam Lancaster

Guidance from Adam Lancaster

Thinking of using Literacy 360 with your students?

Here's some valuable advice and guidance from Adam Lancaster about getting started with Literacy 360, preparing your students and making sure you get the most out of the survey and the deep insights it provides.

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Download and share our Literacy 360 flyer

Literacy 360 takes a whole school approach and all departments can access and contribute to each child's Literacy Record to ensure valuable insights and strategies are shared and monitored.