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For Students

  • Introduce early readers to the school library with a simple and engaging user interface. Junior Librarian is designed to build computer literacy skills in young learners and enable them to become independent library users.
  • Improve pupil’s confidence in using the library by practising research skills with the search functionality based on pictures, names, and titles. Pupils can also see what books their friends and classmates have recommended.
  • Encourage autonomous learning and help prepare pupils for secondary school with the self-service function that means pupils can issue and return their own books.
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For Heads of Literacy and Teachers

  • Get the insights you need to curate an engaging library experience with Junior Librarian’s comprehensive reporting. Discover your top readers and which books are being borrowed the most often.
  • Get parents involved in their child’s leaning by giving them access to Junior Librarian so they can help keep track of their children’s book loans and engage with what they’re reading. They can also help their child write a book review and create a read
  • Easily and seamlessly manage all aspects of the school library including issues and returns, reservations, overdue book reminders and more with the intuitive interface.

Four reasons why Junior Librarian would be perfect for your Primary school

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Junior Librarian is an easy-to-use, efficient library management platform that helps primary schools to manage the day to day running of their library, all the while nurturing a love of reading amongst their youngest learners. It is the perfect way to introduce your young readers to the school library.

Junior Librarian is a child-friendly library management platform designed to nurture a love of reading and build confidence in library and research skills amongst the youngest readers in school. With a simple, colourful interface, pupils can autonomously search for books, find out what their friends are reading, write reviews, and issue and return books.

At Reading Cloud, we understand at this early stage in a child’s reading journey it’s key to get them excited and engaged with reading inside and outside of school. Junior Librarian allows for parents to get involved and support pupil’s progress with access to see what they’ve been reading, check which books they have on loan and help them choose what to read next. Parents can support their child to write a book review or read the latest book reviews from their friends, see which new books have been added to the library and create a personalised reading list.