About Us

Originally known as Micro Librarian Systems, our company was first established in 1981 to provide market leading library management systems to schools and colleges in the UK and internationally.

Today Reading Cloud has over 30 years’ experience in providing leading library management systems to the education sector. We have the scale, vision and capability to keep up with the evolving requirements of educators and our expert team are uniquely placed to provide you with the most dynamic and agile solutions in the market.

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Our mission

At our heart is a fundamental belief in the power and importance of reading. We create our library management systems to help you run your library effectively, to support you in putting the library at the heart of your school as a valuable whole school resource and to ultimately encourage reading across the entire school community.

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Reading Cloud goes hand in glove with the UKLA’s mission to advance education in literacy: it supports both reading and writing skills and addresses the social and emotional aspects of a reading experience.

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Our promise to you

Our systems are built on feedback and we’ve always made it our priority to listen carefully to the recommendations and suggestions of our customers. In doing so we are able to adapt our systems to meet the ever-changing requirements of schools and colleges.

What’s more, our ongoing commitment to product development ensures that we will always have an eye on the future so you can be certain we will always provide the very best solution for you.


Our partners

We strive to work with the best in the sector to support the promotion of reading for pleasure and literacy attainment. 


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Renaissance Learning, Accelerated Reader

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