Continuing positive attitudes to reading

Attitudes to reading begin to develop from a very young age but with heavier timetables and distractions from age 11 upwards, it can be a real struggle to keep students continually engaged with reading for pleasure throughout their time at school.

In secondary education in particular, reading for pleasure can have a hugely beneficial effect on mental health, self-esteem and overall well-being especially around exam time and the school holidays.

So how do you keep students engaged and promote reading across the whole school community?

By putting the library right at the heart of the school. our secondary school library software features an engaging, cloud based student reading community which helps you bring educators, senior leaders, students and parents together making the library an invaluable central resource.

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Meeting curriculum objectives

Through our library system for secondary schools, school librarians and teachers can create targeted reading lists for specific year groups or class sets to support curricular topics. The library catalogue search function encourages students to actively search online to develop their information seeking skills, whilst the blogging and reviewing area where students can write about their favourite books and authors, builds their confidence, social skills and understanding of texts.

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Support for student coursework and homework

Homework and coursework are important parts of a student’s learning in this phase of education. With access to course specific content, an eBook library and pre-approved, curriculum relevant web links, our library system for secondary schools supports both. Additionally, with our user friendly app, students have access to library resources at home, meaning they are able to work any time and from anywhere however they prefer.

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Student with laptop reading in a library representing how the library system for secondary schools supports coursework

Track and evidence reading initiatives

The ability to monitor, report on and identify key reading trends in your secondary school will prove invaluable when it comes to decision-making generally, inspections and interventions. With the key intelligence our secondary school library software provides, you can see how many pupils are using your library, compare users by demographics and see the most popular titles in your school. You can also compare the most popular books and authors across the complete Reading Cloud database, giving you an indication of which books to purchase for your school.

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