Positive attitudes to reading

Attitudes to reading begin to develop from a very young age and with heavy timetables and greater distractions from age 16 upwards, it can be a real struggle to keep students continually engaged with reading for pleasure throughout their time in education.

In further education in particular, reading for pleasure can have a hugely beneficial effect on mental health, self-esteem and overall well-being especially around exam time.

So how do you keep students engaged and promote the value of the library?

With a leading library management system like Reading Cloud as a central whole college resource for tutors, senior leaders and students. 

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Encouraging independent learning

We know how vital it is in further education to encourage students to learn independently to support their studies and our library management systems for 6th form colleges provide a large platform for students to actively search library books and resources based on keywords relevant to their subject of study to help engage them in independent research.

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Support for coursework and homework

With access to course specific content, an extensive eBook library and pre-approved, curriculum relevant web links, Reading Cloud is a great companion to support both coursework and homework. Reading Cloud also provides access to a full bibliographic data set, enriching the research experience and providing references to validate coursework.

In addition, with the Reading Cloud app, students have access to library resources at home, meaning they are able to work any time and from anywhere, however they prefer.

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Inspire further reading

Reading Cloud’s intuitive library management software for 6th form colleges includes clever features like ‘Who Else Writes Like…’ to help encourage further reading by suggesting similar books to those the student is currently browsing. Available titles are also recommended based on their loan history and students can make requests for books to be purchased, helping librarians manage their collection and offer a wider range of books around a particular or popular subject.