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At Reading Cloud, we help schools all over the UK to engage, promote and manage positive reading cultures. Our library management system goes a step beyond providing a library experience that nurtures positive reading attitudes, helping to meet your school’s literacy objectives and driving parental engagement.

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What makes Reading Cloud different?


Reading Cloud leads the way when it comes to features and functionality and our ongoing commitment to development means that we keep up with the evolving needs of schools.


We offer simple straightforward pricing options so there’s a solution to suit your needs and budget.

Intuitive and engaging

We designed our student interfaces to be appealing and engaging for today’s students and accessible on any device.

Quick and easy set up

With our cloud-based library management system, set up is quick and easy, integrating seamlessly with Accelerated Reader and with management information systems to save you time.

Easy Reporting

Our systems provide a huge amount of information in a wide variety of report types to inform decision-making and interventions ( inspection reports, most borrowed titles, key reading trends and attitude to reading).

Supports independent learning

Our library management system and online student engagement community really promote independent learning with tools such as suggested books, chat functionality and the ability to write or record book reviews.

How it Works For Students

A solution built to give students freedom to access, manage and engage with your school library at anytime no matter what device they use.


Encourage students to engage with friends and their reading community about the books they are enjoying.

Inspire students to create their own home library and share books with friends.

Build students' creative writing skills with student blogs and book reviews.

Nurture independent learning, research skills and reading for pleasure amongst students at every age and reading level.

How it Works For Schools

From managing resources to reporting on usage and inventory. A simple but powerful solution to support the full library services cycle.

Book and pen
Book closed

Bridge the home-school link and encourage parental engagement with easy access to literacy and learning resources from home across any device.

Maximise the potential of your school library and drive a culture of reading for pleasure.

Streamline your day-to-day library management with easy-to-use tools and automated workflows.

Discover reading trends such as popular authors and genres, helping you to curate a more engaging library experience.

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